For several years I īm working as an artist in Aachen and it was always a special challenge, to study different kinds of material and painting techniques for utilising them in my works of art.

After a creative break I discovered chocolate as basic material for my work. The flavour and odour of chocolate has always touched me, therefore I started to create art, which addresses seeing, smelling and tasting. The edible works of art are painted on bars of high quality chocolate.

On the 23rd of August I was invited to present my creations at the Long Night of Museums in Aachen (Venue: Deutsche Bank) and to paint large-seized pictures with chocolate on canvas at the venue. The chocolaty paintings are still shown at the Deutsche Bank and can be purchased there as well. They are packaged in an exclusive box with wrapping tissue.

On the 10th and 11th of October 2008, was Day of Chocolate in the chocolate museum of Cologne. There I created live chocolate deco - design on chocolate bars with different colors and design. I was very interest in the maya culture and study mounth befor the day of chocolate the Maya history of chocolate the tradition and the symbols language of the maya culture. For the day of chocolate I created a bar of chocolate art which showed Mayasymbols. At on the same time, I exposed my modern-abstract dynamic chocolate art with landscapes with chocolate, beaten gold and flour gold on chocolate or canvas.
It was a challenge for me to create chocolate bars with symbols form the maya culture and to give a impuls with my modern-abstract chocolate pictures as symbole for our time now.